About Us


  • Mary Ruth Suek
    Executive Director
  • Katie Casey
    Program Director

sur la rue, inc., incorporated in 1976, provides waivered residential services to developmentally disabled adults in Minnesota. sur la rue, inc. is licensed by the Minnesota Department of Human Services under the Consolidated Rule (formerly Rule 42) and Adult Foster Care. The primary service area is Ramsey County. We are also licensed in Scott County and Washington County.


We believe that all persons develop emotionally, intellectually and personally within a framework of positive and secure interpersonal relationships.

We are committed to a philosophy that enables and empowers self-esteem, self-reliance and self-dependence and assures normal life experiences for each consumer in the community and at home.

We recognize that all persons are unique and need to be valued as individuals and, therefore, we have an obligation to create an atmosphere that allows our consumers and staff opportunities for personal growth and making a meaningful difference.

We are dedicated to the principle of the Golden Rule and strive to communicate a sense of truth and integrity, through daily example and high expectations.

Program Goal

The programs are designed as long term placements for developmentally disabled adults who desire and are capable of living in a home-like setting within an atmosphere that fosters self-dependence, encourages daily life management and teaches life skills.

Staffing Pattern

Each Program site has a Residential Supervisor who coordinates the home and the individual programs. Other program staff complement the staffing pattern during key program hours, weekends and overnights. A Consulting Registered Nurse assures that the health care needs of every consumer are met.

Admission Criteria

All applicants must have a primary diagnosis of mental retardation, be ambulatory, be continent and posses a high level of self-help and personal hygiene skills. Each person must be capable of participating in a developmental program such as competitive employment, supported employment, sheltered work, day training or school during the day.

Persons with uncontrollable medical, emotional or behavioral problems cannot be accepted. Persons with a history of fire setting will not be considered.

All applicants must be screened for the waiver and referred by their case manager from their County of Financial Responsibility.